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Saturday, November 29, 2008

#2 Taal Lake Sunrise

Peering eastward at the crack of dawn, to witness the precise moment when night turns to day, that's an experience few twilight photographers ever get enough of. Well it happened just like that, but wait, I am running ahead of my story.

My buddy Tim had suggested this gem of a place, just past Tagaytay City where the view is fantastic: an expansive landscape at sunrise with scenic Taal Lake in the foreground. Unfortunately for us, the cold October wind blew in an impenetrable wall of fog so thick we can't see 50 feet past our nose. Our plan was shot. We had our picture taken before we quit. It was pathetic.

On the road back to Tagaytay City, luck smiled on us as we drove above the fog line just in time to witness the sun's grand entrance. It was a magical moment. Stories do have happy endings after all. Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful. beautiful photographs. I wonder if you can help amateurs like me with info on what you used, whether the old film camera or digital and if so what speed aperture openings and filters were employed to obtain such lovely photographs. Thank you. Elzee Are

  2. Gosh. (And I am gushing). How do you make something so simple look so beautiful?! Congratulations are in order for this amazing shot.

  3. Hi LZ, this photograph was taken with the Canon 5D and a prime 28mm lens on a tripod. I used a GND filter to hold the bright sky back so that the grass will expose properly. I normally shoot at f/8 and set the shutter speed accordingly to get a correct exposure. Hope this helps. Good luck. Bobby


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