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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#329 Colorful Watermelons

While combing the countryside for landscapes, we often run into interesting folks busy making a living. Photographing folks-at-work is of particular interest to us. Aside from the insight of how the rest of the country make ends meet, we feel certain some of these professions may disappear with the constant march of progress. 

Along the road in barangay Pe├▒afrancia, just outside the municipality of Viga in Catanduanes, we chanced upon Oliver and his son Reymark. Oliver is a farmer who sought to differentiate himself by growing and peddling watermelon of several colors. We counted four: red, yellow, and two shades of orange, which in the noontime heat, were equally sweet and refreshing. Live long, watermelon farmers! Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: We love taking landscapes, but it's the environmental portraits that we can't enough of.)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

#328 Cameo in the Landscape

Last week, I shared a postcard I took in Virac Catanduanes, where Mount Mayon made a most unexpected appearance on the horizon. So while we're still on the topic of cameo appearances, today's postcard taken last year might be of interest.

The story started at dusk on Biri Island in Northern Samar. But rather than sharing a photograph taken at peak light, when the heavens burned of crimson and vermillion, I chose to share one taken shortly after that, when the most intense colors have faded into a burnt orange. But why?

It was only when the colors had faded, that the clouds parted to reveal an unexpected visitor on the horizon. Poised in grace, and peeking from the lower right hand side of my composition, is her majesty herself Mount Mayon. She had watched the entire spectacle with us from over 100 km away in Legaspi City! Now that's a record cameo in any book! Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: Sometimes, the best photograph is the one with the best story.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#327 Pareidolia

Pareidolia: seeing what isn’t there.

Over beer, someone told us about this place called Talisoy beach in Virac Catanduanes, where a huge rock by the sea looks like something that's not supposed to be there. Really? And off we went...

It wasn’t initially apparent, until we rounded a curve, and we immediately understood what he meant. Do you see it yet? If you guessed a boulder projects the likeness of Michelangelo's David, down to the Greek haircut, the sharp nose, and the square jaw, you would be right. Amazing isn’t it? But wait, because there's more.

Start from David's eyes and draw a straight line in the direction of his gaze. Notice anything else? That black cone on the horizon is none other than the majestic mount Mayon across the Lagonoy Gulf in Albay province. Now that's no longer your imagination. Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: The clouds parted just as we pointed our cameras at David. Even grand dames want their pictures taken with a handsome Greek dude!)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

#326 Off the Beaten Track

"I can see a small tributary down there. And where it meets the sea there appears to be a small fishing village beside it. You think that might be a good place to stalk dusk today?" "Oh why not?!!" That's the kind of conversation that launched a thousand ships, and today it will lead us to a place we haven't been. Again. 

A good 45 minutes later, we found ourselves within the sleepy town of Canlubi in Pandan Catanduanes, where we finally found a few stands of Pandan trees after which the town was named. Literally off-the-beaten-track, the folks here don't get a lot of visitors. Heck, they don't even have a corner store, neither the comforts of a modern life. Isolated. Unknown. And forgotten.

In the end dusk wasn't majestic, but it didn't disappoint either. It was too cloudy for glory, but some light made it through, peppering the sky with swathes of orange lined with crimson. The highlight was making new friends there, friends we exchanged phone numbers with, and that's more than we originally expected in these parts. Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: After sunset don't be in a hurry to leave, lest you miss the most colorful part of the day!)

Friday, November 11, 2016

#325 A Gentle Wind

Earlier this week, we lost someone very dear. He was a simple man, yet strong, pious, and inspiring. He touched many from his pulpit. He loved his family. But most of all he loved life. He will be dearly missed. A gentle wind had come and passed. Where do we go from here?

I took this photograph from atop the town of Pandan on the northern tip of Catanduanes. At that time, standing at its highest point, at the trail head with the sea on the horizon, I simply wanted to find out how far I can see, that is, if I could actually see tomorrow. Well that day has come. What does tomorrow bring? 

When we lose someone we love, we never really heal completely. But somehow, some way, we need to get on with our lives without them, with the hope that tomorrow brings a new day. That's how generations before us had managed. And I guess that's how we will too.  

Godspeed Dad.  

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