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Saturday, December 6, 2008

#4 Colors of the Wind

Sunsets are among my favorite times of the day, and it's not because of the happy hour! You see, sunsets are much like sunrises, except that you don't have to wake up at 4am just to get to where you need to be. Otherwise they are similar: unpredictably vibrant colors splashed across a canvass of infinitely varied cloud patterns. I'm awestruck every single time.

Sunset today brought us to the small town of Bangui near the northern tip of Ilocos Norte. Some energy company had built 20 one-megawatt windmills along the shore, and in one sweep, created clean power plus a local tourist industry. Brilliant, but back to my story. We had arrived late for sunset, too late to catch the long shadows and much of the orange sky. But the day wasn't about to quit without the usual explosion of colors at dusk. First yellow, and then orange, and then crimson, and finally several hues of pink. Only the brief appearance of a solitary rainbow was more colorful. Enjoy.


  1. Perfect! I love all your shots. They're wonderful. Thanks and more power :) gracey

  2. I've seen pictures of these windmills before, but not in this light and composition. Simply beautiful! You are indeed a talented photographer - artist!

  3. "Man-made mixed with nature,sooo beautiful! But it is more than meets the eye, try TO HUG THAT GIGANTIC WINDMILL WHILE THE PROPELLER MAKES ITS TURN; it's like you are on top of a GIANT SPACE SHIP "ang sarap ng feeling!. Been here many times during my rounds at the North Luzon loop passing along Pagudpud, Patapat Bridge, Lighthouse near Bangui, Laoag atbp.

    Thanks for the excellent shots, I will not stop viewing your collections of masterpiece.


  4. Beautiful! I love the shot and very provoking title! Well done... Im happy to have your blogsite and images to be featured in my blog.

    My world is getting smaller every day

  5. i love this photo, i can absoulutely connect with it, i hope you know what i mean.

  6. this is one place i want to visit one day and take a pics of myself too


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