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Monday, February 16, 2009

#18 Reflecting First Light

First light, the precise moment when night turns into day, is a moment eagerly awaited by all twilight peepers. When you get lucky, the feeling is hard to describe. It can enthrall!

In Bangui Ilocos Norte, the site of a wind farm along the shore, first light started out as any other. First total darkness except for the moon and stars. And then pink, orange, and violet streaks magically appear as the returning sun light up the clouds from below. The most colorful part of twilight is why we're up at 4:30am! And if you can find a body of water to reflect and multiply the colors from above, it can truly enthrall! Enjoy.


  1. Hi Bobby,

    I just wanted to say that your photgraphy moves me. I enjoy looking at your pbase site and will now start to follow your blog. As a Filipino-Chinese born in Manila (but now in Canada), I have not had the chance to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines, until now. Your work has definitely inspired me.

    I like photography, and when I see images like yours, it drives me to pursue the art. However, I know it will take a lifetime for me to be at your level. Keep up the good work. In the mean time, I will be following your work closely.

    -Jen Laceda of Folie a Deux

  2. this simply one of the best photos of the bangui windmills!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I myself love photography but was not able to pursue this worthwhile hobby. More power to you. And just one more. Did you mean dawn instead of twilight. Twilight is the light after sunset.

    Winnipeg, Canada

  4. NO. Twilight means the diffused light when the sun is below the horizon, either at sunrise or at sunset. Dawn is the occurrence when the sun is beginning to show above the horizon as oppose to nightfall when the sun is going down. Let us learn our dictionary words!!!!!!! Magnificent photos.


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