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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

#20 The Moment

Should I get a Canon or Nikon? A friend wanted to know. I hope my answer was correct.

At the 14th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga, a picture I took illustrates my answer. Taken with a better camera, it would have much better resolution, richer and more accurate colors, and likely much less noise. But would it have mattered?

The success of a photograph has more to do with its subject, its composition, and whether it has captured the moment. Well, the last time I checked neither Canons nor Nikons have automated this feature ! Until then my answer will always be "any brand will do." Was that the right answer? You tell me. Enjoy.


  1. right answer... my friends do ask me the same thing... but i always answer.. any brand will do.. its not the camera.. its loving what you do.. getting that perfect moment capturing it and making it last for everyone to see....

    from a fan

  2. I agree. Photos captured come from the heart, not from the equipment. I get asked the same question again and again.

  3. True, it's not the equipment. It's "capturing the moment", your vision and skill, that counts.

  4. kasi kayo, mga expert na, kaming mga walang idea, nangangapa lang at humihingi ng advice sa expert. Kaya kung dalawa lang ang pipiliin san kayo? nikon or canon?

  5. I started with Nikon for quality and durability. quality in design, worksmanship, and photo results. A photographer said "if you want strong, vibrant contrasty color you go to Nikon lenses, if you want soft muted colors you go to Canon." Digital changed all that, there's photoshop to tune any photo to your taste. Canon is ahead in the field of digital technology. Today, with computer aided lens design the playing field is equal. The person behind the camera is "it".

  6. I agree, even if you have a simple camera and you have that gift, it will turn out very good


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