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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#24 123 Islands

At the Hundred Islands Nature park in Pangasinan, there are 123 Islands at high tide and an extra rock-of-an-island at low tide. Not all the islands have white beaches but most of them can be explored on foot. Each island has a name and a unique feature, whether a cave, white beaches, or high vantage points to see the rest of the park. Enjoy.


  1. I am hankering to go back home to the Philippines!

  2. everyone must have a favorite among a group, mine is this picture!! but mind you, the others are nice tooo ...


  3. How much can be captured in a single frame? Just see this masterpiece..!!

  4. This is my hometown and my dad's...As a child I visited Hundred Islands so often...

    I can still remember this part of the park...

    Your wonderful photos made my day.


  5. I am going back to the Philippines this December for my Golden Jubilee - high school reunion... in Dagupan City. One of my side trips I scheduled is to visit this place.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures you shared with us.


  6. I have been in this place and only in the Philippines you can see beautiful islands located side by side and scattered like small hills and big hills. such a beauty to see.

  7. wow! ganda talaga. i've been in this place.

  8. this is what i call paradise, what amazing shot, everything is so perfect, another fave


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