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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#28 Daklis Fishing

Can you make a living fishing on land? Wait till you hear this story.

In the town of Currimao along the Ilocos coast, we found people lined-up along the shore, collectively pulling one end of a long net out from the sea. About half a kilometer away, but also on the same stretch of sand, is another group doing the same. Imagine them pulling in unison, until eventually the center of the net is pulled to shore. The net is called a Daklis, a long narrow floating net meant to sieve the shallows for fish.

Now this sounds like a cool way to fish, without getting wet and all, until you realize what they caught. After about 3 hours of collective heave-ho, the 50+ people gathered around the catch... which barely filled two 17-liter tin cans of sardine-sized fish! It was promptly sold to a fish vendor who arrived in a bike. We were told each person would make about P20 (US$0.40) that day!

In the photograph, a couple of boys crawled under the net to pick tiny fish whose heads got stuck in the weave. That would be their share for the afternoon's work. Rather sad really, so much work for so little pay, a reflection of the level of poverty in places like these. Yet they come back three times a week for more of the same. Sad.


  1. This is really beautiful!!!! I like how the net frames the kids.

  2. thank you for sharing your work. the pictures are all beautiful.

    any chance that you have pics of batanes?

    looking forward to more of these.

  3. Pictures like these, make us appreciate the things we took for granted...

    I am nothing, but a caretaker of everything God has given me...

    In this life, I am just passing through...It is all temporary...

    Everyday, I am getting closer to him that loves me...

  4. Black & White is very dramatic

  5. Love your pictures. This one in particular, I am saddened by the level of poverty that exists in our motherland.

  6. Great composition, capturing the moment!

  7. Please don't be sad if they are happy with what they already have...

  8. you might say "it is sad", but you cannot fathom the happiness of these folks with their meagr reward for such hard work done. These people had simple meagre wants and what little they had harvested for their accomplished task, fill their hearts with such thankful joy. Their life is without the stress which is an everyday occurence in city life. their satisfaction is complete , especially with the kids for the small number of fishes they shared free from the net haulers.We are the one who must envy their existence.

  9. i love black and white photography


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