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Monday, November 16, 2009

#41 Palawan on Fire

When was the last time you took time-off to witness a sunset?

On the shores of Corong-corong, in the town of El Nido in Palawan, we chanced upon a whopper of a sunset, the mere memory of which still gives me goosebumps today.

It had rained hard that afternoon. And when the sun returned, the light alternated between harsh and flat, on a sky filled with featureless clouds. At some point, it looked like the sunset we had all dreamt of was going to be a dud.  But shortly after the sun slipped below the horizon, the magic began. The sun's fading light lit-up the underside of the same rainclouds that had spoiled our afternoon. It was on this canvass she painted us a spectacle of fire, a grand afterglow, so overwhelming that some of us first-timers froze in awe and forgot to take any pictures! Yes, some sunsets are beyond the thousand words a single picture can muster.

The sun sets on every single day of the year, every year of our lives. Yet when was the very last time you stood outdoors to witness its glory? Most people can't remember. I say, don't miss your share of sunrises and sunsets, life is too short. Enjoy.

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  1. Each one is glorious!
    The cloud formation of the third is funny — it's like God sliced it up like gauze, leaving that clean edge.

  2. Oh, and I'm introducing your blog in my post tomorrow. I hope you don't mind if I use your header image for it. I really love your photos of the Philippines.

  3. Such amazingly beautiful sunset pictures. I wish I could return to El Nido someday soon. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

  4. i love sunsets! you are one awesome photographer. :)

  5. oh yeah! the night has come, the sky is ablaze, the clouds are bountiful, the breeze is gentle, the natives are joyous. how blessed is this place.

  6. thnx to hilda of mla. i get to visit your blog and you really got a wonderful and amazing fotos!
    the fotos without captions speaks for itself!
    my jaw droppe literally ^0^
    hoping to see more next time.

  7. Just found your blog (thanks Hilda!), your photography is really excellent. I have to do some browsing back through many beautiful images of your country.

  8. gorgeous sunsets!!!! i definitely need to visit palawan soon.

  9. This has got to be the BEST WEB SITE EVER. Glorious photos. Thank you.

  10. Bobby, you are so wonderful and so gifted. I am in awe by just looking at these pictures! My mom even cried at one point for it brought her back good memories.

    I am spreading the word about postcards manila (hope you don't mind?)

    Thank you so much for leading us back to where the heart is, home.


  11. Mr Wong, thank you for your truly stunning images. And you're right, I thought of Amorsolo immediately upon seeing your photos of the countryside. The ones from Palawan are absolutely spectacular.

    Currently living in the US, I was hoping to highlight some of the beauty of the Phils on my trip there, but thank you for taking the pressure off -- I'm just going to share your website instead.

    Happy Thanksgiving! = )

    Judi Denina

  12. ooohhh!!! nice to witness the sunset...and be thankful for the day...i hope one of this days i can visit el nido...thanks for sharing and let us see more of God's lovely creation....

  13. all your shots are wonderful! every shot gives another definition of how beautiful our Creator is... thank you for sharing these with us... :)

    keep em coming! Godbless!


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  15. loves the reflection, the skies, water and colors


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