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Sunday, November 29, 2009

#43 Simple Pleasures

Having a leisure breakfast... along a grand terraced landscape... in the middle of nowhere... I can live with this simple pleasure... except that this mountain paradise is transforming before our very eyes...

We were in the town of Mayoyao in the province of Ifugao. Mayoyao isn't far from the more famous Banaue rice terraces, but bad and dusty roads kept it isolated except to the most determined travelers. Yet, tourism was on everyone's minds. For the next generation to keep the terraces viable, they need income other than their annual rice crop. The town mayor hoped our photographs will put them on the map, which eventually did inspire waves of photographers/tourists through that place. But whether that is a good thing, it now depends on how they balance economic progress with preserving the traditional Ifugao lifestyle.

While meandering down the earthen dikes (pilapil), we chanced upon this young family having breakfast under the shade of their clothes line. You can tell progress had arrived to this part of the world.  Notice their relatively modern clothes, ornamental cacti among plastic pots, and modern eating utensils. Even the thatched grass roofs on their homes have been replaced by sturdier corrugated metal sheets. (And yes, our mobile phones worked most everywhere we went. We didn't ask but they probably own a mobile phone or two too.) The "buhay-probinsiya" of old is transforming fast, do plan your own trek to Mayoyao's country-side soon. And just in case, here's hoping our images make it to the future. Enjoy.


  1. As always, a sensitive selection. It now sits on my desktop. It brings me back to my own visits to Ifugao.

  2. this brings back nostalgic memories from where i came from and grew up- Ifugao. pretty much like the hamlet of my forebears in kiangan. simplicty at its finest.

  3. indeed. many a wealthy man would trade to dine alfresco, tend a small garden, and hang his laundry in front of a view like this, in such gentle clime. the kid's plate is full. abundance and want, at interplay, and juxtaposed. -b

  4. Yes, that's mayoyao my home sweet home, such a simple life living there.....

  5. Simple living at its best! This picture brings back my childhood memories in Batangas while viewing this beautiful picture from a snow-covered land and sub-zero temperature here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  6. this is very touching scene, want to hear their stories


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