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Monday, January 18, 2010

#50 Shadow Dancing

Do you feel lucky today?

Along the Pacific coast of Baler, in the province of Aurora, it was the last day of our safari. The weather hadn't been the greatest so we schemed to photograph a coastal dawn one last time.  Unfortunately, our guide brought us to a spot other than where we had planned to be. The orientation of the sunrise and the terrain of the landscape was unfamiliar, but it was too late to double back. We'll have to wing this one, we thought. 

It was still dark when we found our way to the sea. We scrambled to look for the usual things: rock formations, dead tree trunks along the shore, even water puddles, anything interesting to serve as a foreground to a dawn sky. But because we were unprepared, time became our enemy. Sunrise came quickly. And without a strong-enough foreground to anchor my compositions, I quit early.

Back on shore and looking out towards the sea, A silhouette formed by a row of coconut trees caught my eye.  It drew a diagonal line across a sky filled with drama and the light of a new day. It's an overused composition, but beggars can't be choosy. Wish me better luck next time. Enjoy. 


  1. something mysterious and eternal about this photo. even as the egyptians worked the banks of the river nile, natives of this island archipelago were passive recipients of sustenance and sights from nature herself - and thus, a mindset of collaboration, not battle; of love, trust, and sharing, not suspicion, not acquisitiveness. this is what this picture says to me. -b


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