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Monday, February 1, 2010

#52 Fire in the Sky

When you look up at the clouds, do you sometimes see things that aren't there?

One crisp morning in Tagaytay City Cavite, the sun painted me a most memorable dawn canvass. It began without a hint of glory: a veil of fog in every direction I looked, with thick but fast-moving clouds over the entire valley. Still, the clear view of the eastern horizon held much promise & excitement.

Soon, the silhouette of Mount Makiling magically appeared on the horizon even as darkness still shrouded Taal Lake nearby. When the sky eventually lit up, it was painted with such an array of intense colors, it was beyond what I had ever seen in the Tagaytay sky, before and hence.

And then familiar shapes started popping-up amongst the clouds.... do you see a slithering snake? A majestic dragon? Or a bask of crocodiles? The name for this phenomenon, of seeing familiar shapes in the otherwise random patterns of nature, is called pareidolia. The mind sees what it wants to see! So what do you see? Enjoy. Bobby

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  1. What a beautiful sunset! Great job :)

  2. Its terrific and awesome. Thanks for such a amazing still. I love it. The Postcards with these wonderful stills will sounds a lot.

  3. Your talent is a gift and it shows the beauty of God's creation. Even for a moment we get reminded that there is God that orchestrated all this beauty for us to know he's here. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  4. I do photography too, sunrise and sunsets are my fave subjects and every time I saw your photos it really warms my heart because it reminds of God's creation


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