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Monday, May 10, 2010

#66 Painted Skies

What's more beautiful than a strip of white sand surrounded by an emerald sea? One that's under a painted blue sky, of course! 

Nine years ago, while hunting for a deserted island off the coast of Cebu, we came across paradise about halfway between Cebu and Bohol. There, in the middle of nowhere, we found a long sandbar jutting out from the sea.  On one end is a small town and on the other is a pristine sand beach. We had found Pandanon Island. Its relative isolation is probably the reason why the island hasn't been overrun by tourists and resorts yet. Oops.  

Two weeks ago, we returned to Pandanon Island in Bohol and found it pretty much the way we remembered. The sand is still soft and powdery. The water around it is still a brilliant emerald green. The weather-worned grass huts are still standing. But as if to welcome us back, white wispy clouds had been brush-stroked across the clear blue sky. It was a homecoming of sorts, to one of the best islands among the 7,107. Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: Taken near noon helped turn the shallows an emerald green. My polarizer was set to remove the maximum amount of reflections off the water. While that saturated the greens, the downside of over-polarization is a sky that is a shade or two bluer than I recall. Compromises. That's life. Shot handheld at f/5.6, 2.8/28mm.)

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  1. I love the pristine blue skies with cloud formations and as you've sa the emarald sea! Awesome shot po!

  2. Just to reiterate how much I enjoyed your imgaes.

  3. this is breathtaking, thanks for your post

  4. I always look forward to your next post. You never disappoint.

    You are not only a very good photographer but a ver prolific writer indeed.

    Please keep it coming


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