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Monday, May 24, 2010

#68 Water... Water... Where?

Cracked earth inside the Magat reservoir? You said it.

Six postcards ago, I posted a photograph taken at the Magat dam in Ramon, Isabela. That desert-like landscape showed the water level shockingly below where it should be, exposing the reservoir's mud-lined bottom. I pointed out then that the dry mud on the lake bed cracked into tile-like patterns which, from a distance, played havoc with my digital camera's sensor. This week's postcard was taken standing on that lake bed. Yup, we were awed as well. Fine earth cracks when it's too dry, that's all there is to it. 

But wait, there's more. Unlike a desert, people live along the Magat dam and river.  They rely on a network of river-taxis to ferry them from shore to shore. When the water level is this low, it simply means they'll have to walk part of the way... to market or to work... wherever people living along a river needs to go. We city folks worry about our faucets running dry, but those who must contend with the river's moods know life goes on, whatever it takes. (I wanted to get this postcard out while the intense summer heat is still beating down our backs. Sweat while you Enjoy!)

Pixel-peepers: desaturated in CS4, curves adjustment to raise contrast.

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