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Friday, September 25, 2009

#34 The Golden Moment

We were on the way to Baler Aurora and taking the more difficult route through the Sierra Madre Mountains. The view along the way was worth the arduous drive.

It was early morning still. Just as we headed east towards the mountains, a wall of fog descended from nowhere. Suddenly we were all alone, with nary a wind, in a landscape shrouded all in white, just as the morning sun had began to rise from somewhere behind it.

Looking out onto the fields, we spotted several trees, isolated from its background by the thick fog. The moment was magical, and if there was ever a golden moment, I thought this was it. Enjoy


  1. Upon taking in this golden moment, if Henry Fonda were to make another film after "On Golden Pond," it would have been "On Golden Frond!"

  2. The thick fog reminds me of the City Of Pines....Baguio City. Beautiful!

  3. Reminds me of a similar pictureques place in Ireland which is almost the same. Though this one is better.

  4. Wow I like this picture..can I have a copy..just for personal use...don't worry I will not modify it... it's copyrighted. Thnks

  5. thanks for sharing! will post it in my blog/notes. =)

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful! A perfect moment in time...

  7. in that one moment, you passed by and captured for all, a chance to glimpse a lost garden. it's called eden. -b

  8. nice effects, this reminds me of a poem about a TREE


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