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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#35 Fingers-Of-Light

This was our very first sunrise on the shores of Baler, a town on the coast of Aurora province facing the Pacific Ocean. We expected a ruggedly wild coastline and were not disappointed: outcrops rising from the shallows amidst relentlessly pounding waves.

We had been up since 4am and it was pitch dark when we got there. As the sky lightened up, there was too much cloud on the horizon to allow a dramatic entrance of the sun. I needed a way to multiply the light in the sky. And fast. Further down the beach I stumbled onto a shallow body of very still water, separated from the surf by a mound of sand. Still water reflects... now to find a spot to plant my tripod that would put this body of water between me and the rising sun...

The sun rose slowly, even teasingly, as the dawn wore on. The thick clouds held back the dawn's fury but allowed its "fingers of light" to paint the morning sky. Coupled with the mirror-like foreground of the pond, it made waking up early that morning worthwhile. Enjoy.


  1. this is so beautiful...thanks for sharing it

  2. Wow! Your pictures are amazing!!!

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  4. You're a photo pro and a creative writer as well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images with us.

  5. This is beautiful, the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. You captured its perfect beauty in the early morning. you are a genius!

  6. amazing.tnx for visiting our place in baler..and tnx for posting this amazing photo.: )

  7. hi, can you share to us how you captured this beautiful shot?

  8. Hi Anonymous, et al...

    I used a wide angle lens on my camera mounted on a tripod, and a 2 stop graduated neutral density filter to hold back the bright sky. I exposed for the reflection on the water, I believe the exposure is f/8 and probably 1/20th of a second.

    Then I ran into the picture while an associate took the shot! Hope that helps.

  9. thanks for sharing the tips, keep the good work always


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