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Monday, February 15, 2010

#54 On Golden Ponds


When you look into a pond, do you like what you see?

You might if at dawn you find yourself in barrangay Minuli in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. We've been on the road for three hours now, driving into the dead of the night until the sky started to brighten. In our mind's eyes we imagined photographing golden landscapes peppered with children and grass huts against a dawn sky. Fast-forward and driving past electric lines smacked in the middle of rice fields, nothing so far looked truly extraordinary. Should we just stop and try our luck?

Then just around the next corner, we spotted a row of hills bathed in the golden light of dawn, set against white cotton-like clouds and a true blue sky. Now only if we can find a ... wait!.. stop!.. stop!.. stop!... I yelled. Just behind a row of roadside shacks, down what looked like a small valley's ridge, were newly planted rice fields filled with water. We couldn't see any reflections from the roadside but from experience I knew they'd be there.  Reflections of a golden landscape, hey that works for me! 

Within minutes, we were scurrying down a dirt trail towards the water. The sweetest light doesn't last more than a few minutes. I quickly planted my tripod low down at the water's edge, framed the landscape's reflection between the dikes, and guessed the exposure for my first shot. Mama mia! I looked into a pond and I definitely liked what I saw! Find yourself somewhere new at dawn tomorrow... and so will you! Enjoy.

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  1. The presence of the dog completes the picture, imho. Many people would have done HDR, or more likely, overdone it. Glad you didn't.


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