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Monday, February 22, 2010

#55 Dawn Silhouettes

Can the end excite you as much as a new beginning? Possibly, if you're on top of a mountain overlooking the misty town of Bontoc in the Mountain Province, waiting for the sun to rise. 

We stuffed ourselves into our vans before 4am and drove up a steep winding road to a vista point overlooking the misty valley below. The town was just beginning to wake up, and the fog over the entire valley had just started to lift.  Soon, the lights of the town, the outline of the grand terraces surrounding it, and the subtle reflection of the mighty Chico river winding across the valley below us began to appear. Sunrise was at hand.

Hunting for a unique composition, an unending row of trees along the trail obstructed the best view. I doubled-back about 200m to find this vantage point devoid of trees, but instead, filled with bushes who've seen better days. Well, if you can't beat them, why not include them? Using a low vantage point and shooting skywards, almost from a dog's point-of-view, what I saw through my viewfinder excited me. Dead and lifeless bushes reaching out for the sky of a brand new day. The extreme elements of life and death cavorting within a single composition. Believe me, stranger things have excited me. Enjoy.
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  1. this is one of my if i can only convince mom to try painting this picture...hmmm hope she finds the time

  2. If this is music, I'll say it's Soulful! Amazingly beautiful!

  3. I love the softness of that subtle blush . . . a sure indication of another beautiful day.


  4. this is so perfect shot, love this!


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