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Monday, March 8, 2010

#57 Sea of Clouds

What difference does an hour and 25 feet make? When you're talking about mood and perspective in photography, quite a lot it seems!

Last week I posted a dawn photograph taken on top of Kiltepan Hill in Sagada. Then about an hour later, I took this photograph about 25 feet to the right of that original vantage point. Spot the difference! The unobstructed view of a glowing orange dawn has been completely replaced by a clear blue sky framed by pine branches. The Sagada hilltops that were surrounded by a sea of clouds is still there of course, but the overall mood has changed. From rapture and awe at dawn, to a more serene and tranquil morning landscape. (I won't ask which one you prefer, lest I divide the visitors to this blog!) 

Someone once told me he has been to many of the places I have, but never saw those wonderful dawn colors in my photographs. I had to tell him that he needed to be in the right place at the right time, specially the part about waking up a little earlier! Just an hour and 25 feet, and your photographs could look like they were taken worlds apart. (Ok, I lied. Let me know which mood and perspective you prefer...hahahaha.) Enjoy.
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  1. lovely shot, as always :) such a fan of your photos!

  2. Oh wow, that's a tough choice to make. They're both gorgeous!

    I definitely prefer this one, because it's so peaceful.

    Okay, so I lied about the tough decision too. ;)

  3. This is so beautiful, can't wait to get to Sagada this summer.

  4. AMAZING! such a site to behold....all your photos are great. your composition is very nice. each photo is like a storybook. it tells us a story about the place or the moment that was captured in it.thank you for sharing...

  5. another fave shot, loves the shades of blue, very nice


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