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Sunday, February 28, 2010

#56 Dawn at Kiltepan

Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter keep us so connected it makes our world feel a lot smaller. Yet if you can peel yourself away from your computer long enough to climb up Kiltepan Hill in the Mountain Province, the world will look anything but small. 

We arrived in Sagada shortly past 10pm the night before, having lost our way driving from Bontoc at sunset. The dark and winding roads were rough and narrow in too many places, a prelude to the raw remoteness of this mountain town. Shortly before dawn, we drove out even higher to Kiltepan Hill, a viewpoint named after the three barrangays surrounding it (KIL-ong, te-TEP-an, and AN-tadao, I think). From there, you can see the rest of Sagada, or rather its other hilltops during a foggy dawn, stretched-out as far as your eyes can see. 

One of the rewards for making these remote dawn treks is the opportunity to view the truly grand landscapes.  Stare into the photograph for a moment and let the horizon take you all in. FB and Twitter notwithstanding, I have to say the world is still a pretty big place. See for yourself and let me know if you agree. Enjoy.
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  1. beautiful!! and I thought it's from some foreign land. Ganda talaga ng Pinas! am looking forward to visiting Sagada this month and i hope i can take some good pictures.

  2. been to Sagada just last week and I didn't get a chance to see this... you are indeed a twilight photographer... will add your web into my favorites... your photos are truly refreshing... touring the Philippines from your eyes.. Cheers!!

  3. This makes me want to be in Sagada so much right now :) Great shot!

  4. With a view like this, I have to agree. Beautiful!

  5. Woowwww... this photo makes me want to go to Sagada again... I love looking at your photos, they're very inspirational.

  6. We are so blessed with beautiful nature, another awesome shot


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