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Monday, July 5, 2010

#74 A River Scene

How far do you have to go to see scenes from 50 years ago?

Outside the town of Baler in Aurora, we were returning from a sunrise shoot when we chanced upon colorful bancas, lined-up on the banks of a river that winds its way to the sea. Having just returned from an early morning catch, the men were still tending their nets, and the women still dividing-up the catch. It was a scene reminiscent of old, when life was simpler, and when the day was done after the harvest is hauled in. Their homes are still made from just nipa and bamboo, set within groves of banana trees, perched along the length a river. If not for their modern clothes and plastic pails, this scene could have been from a half century ago, a treasure of a sight for us shell-shocked urban types. In fact, if you drive out far enough from the major cities today, scenes just like this one still play out every morning. Who knows in another 50 years? Don't miss your chance. Enjoy.

(Pixel-peepers: It was a brief stop, and in my haste I had forgotten to select a more appropriate aperture. The men in the boats are tack-sharp, but the background was blurred by the len's bokeh. A little USM in photoshop helped, somehow. Thank God this is the 21st century!)

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