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Monday, July 12, 2010

#75 Shrouded in Mist

A faint glow at dawn is a terrible thing to waste.

It was on a chilly January morning... when we peered through a rising veil of fog... in the direction of a distant mountain range. We were in the town of Bontoc in the Mountain Province, where the sky is usually a deep blue.  But today at twilight, the horizon was simply golden! The dawn sky is much like a chameleon. One moment there's a reddish glow somewhere, and then it can be yellow all over. And in the middle of this transformation it is multiple hues of orange.  You just need to remember to look in all directions because each part of the sky can have a different color.

A rising wall of mist, reaching out for an insanely hued sky, set against the backdrop of a layered mountain range. Twilight photographers spend much of their waking hours dreaming of being at the right place and at the right time. This is the stuff of their dreams. Enjoy. 

(Pixel-peepers: Favorite lenses while on safari: a prime wide and a short portrait lens. The wide is for landscapes and the latter for capturing faces from 5 feet away. It's everything I need for 99% of my photography. But for the remaining 1%, a mid-range telephoto is worth the trouble. You see, the sky doesn't explode into hues of orange all at once. It usually starts as a tiny faint glow somewhere on the horizon, exactly when you need a longer lens! Shot with a 2.8/180mm at f/8, GND, gray-balanced for saturation.)

Wait, there's more...

Where in the world is the town of Bontoc in the Mountain Province?

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