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Monday, July 26, 2010

#77 Break of Dawn

If you let it, your mind can take you beyond what your eyes can see.

I was stalking the dawn on the south-western coast of Cebu, facing east towards this massive mountain range called Mantalogon. The highest peaks on the island are found here, mostly jagged and craggy tops, and nearly a thousand feet above sea level. Pictures I've come across suggest a scene right out of "The Lord of the Rings." I imagined myself at a high enough vantage point, one moist and misty dawn, overlooking an expanse of crag-tops surrounded by the sea below. Dreaming of the possibilities gets me giddy all over! Climbing the Mantalongon in Dalaguete is now on my bucket list. Set your mind free and see where it takes you. Enjoy.

Pixel-peepers: I normally travel with enough GND filters for up to 5 stops of exposure correction, but today's photograph shows what can happen when you're unprepared for the extremes. The brightness range between the sky and the shadows was so wide that to retain the colors in the clouds I had to sacrifice emerging details on the ground. Bracketing exposures for an HDR did come to mind, but hey, life is too short for that!

Where in the world is Dalaguete, Cebu?

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