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Monday, July 19, 2010

#76 Pristine Paradise

What is a deserted island worth?

We were hopping the islands of Coron in Palawan but the place teemed with more tourists than we wished. Between sharing a strip of sand versus having one all to yourself, I'm all for the latter. A deserted island is just more enchanting. (It's also easier for photography, because no one inadvertently walks into your composition just when you press the trigger.)

On our last day we decided to find such an place, off the beaten track, the equivalent of a road less travelled. This island would be about an hour south of Coron, one among the hundreds of smaller islands sprinkled along the north-eastern Palawan coastline. We found Dicalubuan Island, a.k.a. Banana Island. The warm gentle water and soft white sand was beyond expectation. With only a handful of revelers, the beach was practically our own. And the price? It was a gusty day to be boating near open sea so the ride was rougher than we expected. There were tense moments, but it was well worth the enchantment. Enjoy.

Pixel-peepers: IMO, composition is paramount. To frame your subject floating in a sea of green under a sky bereft of clouds, find something like a strand of branches to fill the blue void. Exposure is only secondary, metering off where color needs to be the most faithful.  And gear is least: a decent camera, a working lens, and a polarizer for saturated colors. (f/8 with 2.8/28mm.)

Where in the world is Dicalubuan Island in Palawan?

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